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Urlaub auf Lolland, Falster & Mön

The Medieval Centre - Nykøbing F.
Lolland, Falster & Moen has many good and child friendly beaches with calm and shallow water.

Marielyst on Falster east coast, with its broad beaches and sand dunes is a popular holiday area with many holiday homes.
On the south coast of Lolland, there are also good beaches facing the Fehmarn Belt, where the sea can show teeth when the wind howls.

Lolland, Falster is packed with unique nature experiences. One of the largest and most well known is the unique Moens Klint, with dramatic white chalk cliffs, where the forest grows right out of the cliffs and provides a breeding ground for beautiful orchids.

Also at Stevns there are high chalk and limestone cliffs where the sea in millions of years has gnawed into.

The Medieval Centre in Nykøbing F. is an experimental museum where you can experience life in a reconstructed late 14th century market town.

Daily life, knights tournaments, trebuchets, canons, ships, markets, evening shows and a lot more...

Both Gedser on Falster and Rødbyhavn on Lolland are ferry cities from which there are frequent connections to Germany.

The flat Lolland-Falster is perfect for cycling with its many cycling areas and signposted cycle routes.

In Lolland you can visit Knuthenborg Park and Safari, where you can drive around among wild animals, including tigers.

On Moen, the romantic little Liselund Palace and the large park are open to the public.

Nykøbing Falster is the largest city with an old monastery church and houses from 1600 - and 1700's.

Nykøbing F. Zoo has many different animals from around the world.
Visit the cozy park, which also contains a large playground for children.

Geocenter Moens Klint is a geology and Nature Center, which tells the fascinating story of Denmark's geological development and the natural environment at Moens Klint.

Holiday Homes and camping are common in the area. There are as many homes in Marielyst, Kramnitze, Gedser and Gedesby. The cottages vary in size and equipment. It is not uncommon to find vacation rentals located outside the actual holiday areas, providing a varied holiday experience in the region.
Rent a cottage from one of the many rental agencies in the area, or use the possibility of private summer rentals.

Ferienhäuser Lolland, Falster & Mön
Schöne 2-stöckiges Ferienwohnung aus Stein, 1934 gebaut und 1992 renoviert, in einer alten Schule gelegen. Zur Wohnung gehört eine überdachte Terrasse mit Gartenmöbeln. Innen gibt es Holzböden s ...
Gepflegtes Ferienhaus aus Holz, 1973 gebaut und 2003 renoviert, auf einem größeren Naturgrundstück gelegen. Zum Haus gehört eine offene Terrasse mit Gartenmöbeln. Inneneinrichtung mit Holzboden,  ...
Ferienhaus aus Holz, 1968 gebaut und 2008 renoviert, auf einem großen eingezäunten Naturgrundstück gelegen. Zum Haus gehören große sowohl offene als auch überdachte Terrassen mit Gartenmöbeln.  ...
Schönes Ferienhaus aus Stein, 1979/91, auf einem ungestörten Naturgrundstück gelegen, dicht an kinderfreundlichem Sandbadestrand. Offene Terrasse. Teils Teppich-, teils beheizter Klinkerboden. Bade ...
Hübsches und gepflegtes Ferienhaus aus Holz, 1989 gebaut, auf einem schönen, abgeschirmten Naturgrundstück gelegen. Offene und überdachte Terrasse mit Gartenmöbeln. Holzwände und -decken. Ebenfa ...

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