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Urlaub auf Fünen & Inseln

Svenborg Sund - Funen
Funen is an island in Denmark. The capital of the island is Odense, birthplace of famous author H.C. Andersen. Funen is a picturesque area with sandy beaches and lush vegetation, traditionally known as the agricultural heartland of Denmark. As a term of endearment, Funen is known as Danmarks grønne ø (The green island of Denmark. Funen is an especially convenient destination for travellers from the European mainland, as both a major European highway as well as all transnational trains in Denmark cross the island and its capital.

Funen (Danish: Fyn, pronounced [ˈfyːˀn]), with a size of 2,984 km² (1152 sq. miles), is the third-largest island of Denmark following Zealand and Vendsyssel-Thy, and the 163rd largest island of the world. Funen is located in the central part of the country and has a population of 447,000 people (2006). The main city is Odense, connected to the sea by canal, though this canal is now seldom used. The city's shipyard Odense Steel Shipyard has been relocated outside of Odense proper.

Funen belongs administratively to Region Syddanmark. From 1970-2006, the island formed the biggest part of Funen County, which also included the islands of Langeland, Ærø and Tåsinge, as well as a number of smaller islands.

Funen is linked to Zealand, Denmark's largest island, by the Great Belt Bridge carrying both trains and cars. The Great Belt Bridge is in reality two bridges; a low bridge connecting Funen to the small island of Sprogø in the middle of the Great Belt and a long suspension bridge the rest of the way to Zealand. The suspension bridge was the second longest in the world at the time of opening. From Funen to Sprogø, trains use a separate bridge parallel to the low bridge and constructed in a similar way. A tunnel connects Sprogø with Zealand, forming the other half of the railway connection.

Two bridges connect Funen to the Danish mainland, Jutland. The Old Little Belt Bridge was constructed in the 1930s shortly before World War II for both cars and trains. The New Little Belt Bridge, a suspension bridge, was constructed in the 1970s and is used for cars only.

Apart from the main city, Odense, all major towns are located in coastal areas. Beginning in the northeast of the island and moving clockwise, the list is as follows: Kerteminde (NE), Nyborg (E), Svendborg (S), Fåborg (SW), Assens (W), Middelfart (NW) and Bogense (N).

The birthplace of H.C Andersen, lush landscapes and country-side manors.
A long narrow island, with wild horses and grazing cattle.
A proud island with a rich martime history, and some lovely villages to boot.
Sydfynske Øhav
The South-Funen island sea, a narrow strait with many pretty islands.

Towns & cities:
Odense Regional Capital of Fyn (Funen) island and Denmark's third largest city.
Assens Coastal town.
Fåborg Coastal town.
Munkebo-Kerteminde Twin coastal towns, gateway to Kattegat Sea.
Middelfart Coastal town by Lillebælt bridge to Jylland(Jutland).
Nyborg Coastal town by Storebælt bridge to Sjælland )(Zealand).
Rudkøbing On Langeland Island in South Funen (Fyn)Sea.
Svendborg Coastal town by causeway to Tåsinge and Langeland islands.
Ærøskøbing - The pretty main city and principal port of Ærø island.

The island is home to the famous author H.C. Andersen, whose former residence located in the city center of Odense has been converted to a museum. Just south of Odense, the village of Nørre Lyndelse includes the birthplace of famous composer Carl Nielsen, whose works are known internationally. A museum tells the story of his life and work.

Svendborg and Kerteminde are both picturesque maritime towns with colorful houses and cobblestone streets, though Kerteminde has a somewhat more untouched quality, and is home to Fjord- og Bæltcentret, an interactive museum about ocean lifeforms, with ocean mammals as the main focus. Both cities were traditionally fishing towns, and therefore quality fish restaurants are ubiquitous.

Odense is home to Den Fynske Landsby, a recreation of the rural past of the island, including only original houses moved from all parts of the island and carefully reconstructed. Somewhat similar to a permanent renaissance fair, although the time period is the 18th and 19th centuries. Activities are spread across the year, and include milking, traditional harvests and manufacture of old-fashioned handicrafts and foods, where the visitors can participate.

In general, all of Funen has potential beautiful natural experiences, and many, if not almost all forests are open to the public and have hiking and biking paths from which the scenic surroundings can be experienced. In the northern part of the island, a forest (Langesøskoven) also includes a picturesque lake and lush wildlife.

Fishing in streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean is a popular activity for locals and tourists alike, and Odense River has a large and well-supported population of rainbow trout. All fishing requires a permit, obtainable at post offices and most fishing equipment shops. If in doubt, contact tourist offices, which can refer you to the nearest permit vendor.

A beautiful island in the Southern Funen Archipelago. Can be reached by ferry from Svendborg. Main towns are Marstal and Ærøskøbing.
An oblong island to the east of Southern Funen, can be reached by bridge from Svendborg (Tåsinge), has connections to Spodsbjerg on Lolland.

Ferienhäuser Fünen & Inseln

> Aborg > Assens > Bogense > Bovense
> Brende Mølle > Bro Strand > Brunshuse > Båring
> Bøjden > Bøsøre > Dunkær-Ærø > Dyreborg
> Faaborg > Faldsled > Fraugde-Kærby > Fyns Hoved
> Føns > Gudbjerg > Haarby > Hasmark Strand
> Helnæs > Hesselager > Horne > Jørgensø
> Kerteminde > Langeland, Bagenkop > Langeland, Dageløkke > Langeland, Fuglsbølle
> Langeland, Helletofte Strand > Langeland, Hov > Langeland, Humble > Langeland, Lohals
> Langeland, Longelse > Langeland, Ristinge > Langeland, Rudkøbing > Langeland, Spodsbjerg
> Langeland, Stoense > Langø > Lundeborg > Middelfart
> Munkebo > Nab Strand > Sandager Næs > Skåstrup
> Troense > Tårup > Tørresø > Varbjerg Strand
> Vejlby Fed > Ærø