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Holiday on Bornholm

"Sol over Gudhjem" - smoked herring
Bornholm is a popular travel destination for many people in the Baltic region as well as tourists from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and Denmark who are a common sight in the summertime.

Bornholm is Denmark's crown jewel. `The Pearl of the Baltic' has sandy beaches on the south of the island which are renowned for their Mediterranean light and feel. Its forests impart a more rugged feel than found elsewhere in densly-populated Denmark. Though practically unknown to Americans, this island of light is a favorite vacation spot for Scandinavians, Germans, and Poles. Its position in the middle of the Baltic (it is closer to Sweden, Poland and Germany than to rest of Denmark) gives both a secluded, yet international feel.

Bornholm is an island located in the Baltic Sea 37 km south of Sweden. The island is roughly 588 square kilometres and has 158 km of coastline. Bornholm is widely known for its smoked herring, high quality arts and crafts and its beautiful nature.

Major towns:
Rønne The largest city with approximately 10.000 inhabitants.
Neksø (or Nexø)

Other destinations:
Hammershus A large ruin at the northernmost point of the island.
Joboland An amusement park with a small water park, animals and rides.
Almindingen - The third largest forest in Denmark.
Bornholms Kunstmuseum - The largest art collection on Bornholm. Include such artists as Oluf Host (Høst), Karl Isakson and many others.
The Medieval Centre of Bornholm - A small rebuilt city from the medieval times. They have stalls, demonstrations, food, performers and special activities for children. Every year a large market is held for a week in mid-July. Enthusiasts from different countries attend and the centre is turned into a large theater with all kinds scenes from the everyday-life of the medieval. The climax is a huge battle with canon smoke, bowmen, tournament on horseback and knights in armor.

Almindingen - third largest danish forest.
Round churches.
The old part of Rønne.

Almindingen - The third largest forest in Denmark
Paradisbakkerne - Home of 'Rokkestenen' a massive rock aprox. 35 tonnes.

Dueodde - The sand is ultra-fine and inviting. The water is clear and clean with lots of sand bars, so there is both shallow and deep water close to the shore.
Balka - Balka is the most popular beach on Bornholm. It is several kilometres long and has very fine sand and shallow water.
Antoinette - A beach north of Rønne, plenty space to be your self and enjoy the weather and ocean.
Slotslyngen - wild nature near Hammershus.

Smoked herrings are a speciality of the island. You can get them at smokehouses in seaside towns, such as Arnager, Gudhjem or Snogebæk, where they also sell other fish and seafood delicacies.
Sol over Gudhjem Smoked herring on rye bread with a raw egg yolk on top.
Marinated herrings.
Other seafood. Eg. scrimps, salmon, sole, and eel.
Another specialty of the island is rye crackers, made by Johannes Dam in Aakirkeby
A variey of local cheeses.

The easiest way to explore Bornholm is by bike, the longest distance on the island is 36km. there are excellent biking facilities all over Bornholm. It is easy to rent a bike at Bornholm.

Vacation Rentals on Bornholm:
You can rent a cottage almost everywhere on the island. The holiday cottages are often located within a few hundred meters from the coast. Many holiday homes are smaller cozy cottages, there are also large luxury villas with private pool, whirlpool and sauna - often with sea views and easy access to beach.
There are several holiday home rental agencies which handles leasing of houses.
Private holiday rentals are also a good opportunity for a lovely holiday vacation with family or friends on this glorious resort island.

As Bornholm has many tourists each year most people speak either English, German or Swedish, the exception being most of the older population. Almost all tourist folders are to be found in English, German, Polish and a Scandinavian language.

Vacation Rentals Bornholm

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